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Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 3000 and KM 4000 super comparison with specs

Hello friends! So today in this post we are going to give you every single detail about the Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM. As you know electric vehicles are our future many people have driven towards this technology and properly taken advantage of this vehicle. Electric vehicles created hype and shifted the World towards the future. There are many problems which arise due to ordinary vehicles as today’s generation knows what’s better for us and our future.

1. Kabira Mobility KM 3000

Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 300

Kabira Mobility has launched the KM 3000 electric bike at a price of Rs 1, 26,990. This naked roadster is Kabira’s entry-level e-bike offering, powered by a 6kW BLDC motor that gives it a claimed top speed of 100kmph. Kabira claims a 0-40kmph acceleration time of 3.3 seconds.  The KM 3000’s power source is a 4kWh battery pack which allows it a claimed range of 120km in Eco mode. The range in City mode is 95km while the range in Sport mode is 60km. that was very much in as an electric bike. The feature list on these bikes includes a Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster and LED lighting. That was performed really well.


Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 300

KM3000 comes with three riding modes. The first mode is ECO that comes with a 120km range, the second mode is a City with a range of 95km, and then the sports mode with a 60 km range. With available riding modes, you can ride and handle the bike in multiple ways.


Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 300 battery performance

The Batteries have been assembled with Hi-Performance LFP Cells. The Pack Capacity is 4.4KW and the usable Capacity is 4KW. The batteries have been certified as fireproof, waterproof, Shock proof and all weather friendly to ARAI Standards.

  • Rs. 1.26 Lakh showroom price

key features of the bike

Charging Time (0-80%)2 Hours 50 min
Driving Range120 km/charge
Battery Capacity4.0 kWh
Max Speed100 kmph
Motor Power3500 W
Motor TypeBLDC

2. Kabira Mobility KM 4000

Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 400
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 400

The company has a vision of building a powerful electric offering which has led them to build the KM4000, a street-naked electric motorcycle. It has a close resemblance to a Kawasaki Z1000, especially around the fuel tank and its extensions, midsection, and tail. The headlamp, however, seems to be lifted from a Yamaha FZ.

The riding ergonomics on the KM4000 is on the sportier side with its rear-set pegs and wide handlebar positioned further ahead, while seat height stands at a manageable 800 mm. The motorcycle is fitted with premium cycle parts like a USD fork, dual discs at the front, and a link-type mono-shock at the rear.


Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 400
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 400 SMART DASHBOARD

The digital dashboard comes with 450 nits of brightness and the Bluetooth connectivity, allows you to check ride statistics. With our Keyless Start feature available on KM Connect, your keys stay in your pocket and the fun begins at the touch of a button.


Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 400 DELTAEV HUB MOTOR

Equipped with a hi-torque BLDC hub Motor, from DeltaEV. The motor provides a peak power of 8000W. Built for Indian Roads with IP67 Water Resistance which allows you to ride in all weather and terrains. The motor also comes with dual sensor and temperature sensor for improved durability.


Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM
Kabira Electric Motorcycles KM 400 CHARGE

KM4000 is equipped with an inbuilt onboard charging solution. There are 02 charging modes available. An ECO Charge mode takes an impressive 06 hours for a full charge and Boost Charge mode accelerates the charging process in 02 hours. The bike supports a Type 02 Universal Charger that comes with an anti-removable lock, allows you to charge anywhere, anytime!


As Electric vehicles are our future the Kabira motors will be one of the best Ev companies. So, here in this article, we give you information about the Kabira motors. I hope you like this post if you received any value from this post make sure you share it.

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