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Yezdi Upcoming Bikes: An Overview on Upcoming Yezdi Roadking and Yezdi 300

The Indian automobile industry has given birth to various automobile brands for developing bikes and cars. Among many home-grown Indian bikes, Yezdi bikes have become popular to an exceptional extent. The classic Yezdi bikes have become cults among Indian bike lovers. Sadly, Yezdi had stopped production for a long time. Now, the company has decided to reinvent itself among bike lovers. It has announced the re-launching of a few classic bikes. (Upcoming Yezdi Roadking and Yezdi 300

At present, Yezdi is planning to launch two classic bike model They are:

  • Yezdi Roadking Scrambler
  • Yezdi 300

note: In the following section, you will find details on those Yezidi upcoming bikes.

1. The Upcoming Yezdi Roadking

Upcoming Yezdi Roadking and Yezdi 300
Upcoming Yezdi Roadking

Jawa is a Czech brand, which arrived to India with Rustom Irani and Farokh Irani. In India, Jawa was named as Yezdi to provide Indian touch to the brand name. Yezdi Roadking was the most popular bike for many years in India. The bike used to have 246 CC powerful engine that can produce 16 HP at 5000 RPM. This classic Yezdi used to touch a top speed of 120 KMPH. Despite becoming a cult motorbike, Yezdi stopped production of the bike long ago. However, it has announced launching the classic Yezdi Roadking once again. Will the new Roadking have the same specifications? What can you expect from the new Yezdi Roadking?

The legendary Yezdi Roadking is all set to make a comeback to the Indian vehicle industry in a scrambler form. At present, the motorbike is in testing stage. It is expected to launch soon. So, a few features of this retro-modern motorbike are discussed below.

  • 1.60 Lakh Estimated Price.
  • Expected Launch – Jan 2022

Expected Price and Time of Launching

Yezdi motorbikes have always been more affordable than Jawa bikes. With the newly manufactured Yezdi Roadking Scrambler, the brand will follow the same pricing philosophy. According to the industry sources, the price of the bike will be around 1.60 lakh. Though previously the bike was scheduled to be launched in 2021, the launching has delayed a little. The bike will come to the Indian market in beginning of 2022.

A Bike with a Powerful Engine

Upcoming Yezdi Roadking
Upcoming Yezdi Roadking

Yezdi Roadking Scrambler will come with a powerful 293cc single-cylinder engine. The same engine can be found in Jawa Scrambler bikes. Though the engine features similar efficiency, the design is different. The crankcase of the engine looks similar to old Yezdi models. Hence, it brings a beautiful retro feeling. The motor features a 6-speed transmission. It gives a more low-end torque for providing stability to its trail-friendly nature.

If you look at the catalytic converter closely, you will find the expansion chamber also comes with a vintage appearance. There are also two exhausts that look pretty ordinary. However, the design of these exhausts is expected to be refined in the final version.

Trail-friendly Design

The Roadking Scrambler from Yezdi will be equipped with raked out front fork. The front fork will additionally have gaiters for preventing dust from the fork seals. Steering will get stability due to the presence of the fork offset. At the backside, there are gas-charged shock absorbers. They provide a perfectly comfortable ride on the bumpy Indian roads. Nevertheless, they ensure safety and stability of the vehicle too.

The primary design of Roadking Scrambler suggests that the bike will have a slightly larger spoke wheels. However, the rear wheels will be a little smaller for a better off-road handling. Tube tires are trending for the motorbikes these days, and Roadking Scrambler will not be an exception. According to the sources, it will come with MRF Zapper Kurve units. The same tires can be found with Honda CB350RS bikes. The front disc rotor looks larger than Jawa classic bikes. There is also a possibility of having dual-channel ABS.

Neo-Retro Design

Upcoming Yezdi Roadking
Upcoming Yezdi Roadking

The Roadking Scrambler features a classic retro-styled headlamp. The circular and simple design of the headlamp will remind you of the classic Yezdi bikes. The ribbed single-piece seat is highly comfortable. Minimalist design of the sleek bullet indicators will also draw your attention to the bike. For providing extra convenience to the riders, it comes with clamp-mounted handlebar.

Potential Rivals of Yezdi Roadking Scrambler

If you are looking for the retro bikes, Roadking Scrambler from Yezdi is a good option. However, the popularity and demand of the retro motorbikes have also compelled many other motorbike manufacturers to launch unique ranges of products. For example, Yamaha comes with XRS 250, which is considered as a strong competitor of Yezdi Roadking Scrambler. Royal Enfield Classic is also going to be re-launched in the Indian market soon. Retro bike lovers will definitely love Royal Enfield. Hence, it is also a potential competitor for Roadking Scrambler.

Key features of the bike

ngine293 cc
Power26.51 PS
Torque27.05 Nm
BrakesDouble Disc
Tyre TypeTube
ABSSingle Channel

2. Yezdi 300

Upcoming Yezdi Roadking and Yezdi 300
Upcoming and Yezdi 300

Apart from Roadking Scrambler, Yezdi has also planned re-launching another popular motorbike of the past. In 2021, Yezdi 300 is scheduled to be launched. It is the Indian version of Jawa 300. Hence, design and specifications of these two bikes are almost the same.

The bike will come with a powerful 293cc liquid-cool engine that can produce 27 BHP. The engine seems more powerful than the classic Yezdi 350 motorbike. There is 6-speed gearbox for smooth transmission. The mesh gearbox design adds the classic touch to the design of the vehicle.

Yezdi 300 can provide a maximum 130 KMPH speed, which is suitable for the Indian roads. On the city roads, it gives 35KMPL mileage. On the other hand, the mileage becomes 25KMPL on the rough countryside roads. The overall mileage is decent.

According to the industry sources, Yezdi 300 will come with three colors. You will find a classic Maroon body, along with the White and Grey bodies.Net weight of the vehicle will range between 180 and 190 Kilograms. Yezdi 300 will find a few competitors in the market. Among them, Royal Enfield Classic 350 will be the leading competitor. It comes with a bigger engine capacity than Yezdi 300. However, Yezdi 300 engine can generate more torque and power than Royal Enfield 350.

At present Yezdi has planned to launch these two motorbikes. The company focuses on bringing back the classic designs, instead of launching the bikes with contemporary appearances.

  • 1.05 Lakh Estimated Price 
  • Expected Launch – Jul, 2021

Key features of the bike

Engine293 cc
Power36.70 PS
Torque28 Nm
Tyre TypeTube
ABSSingle Channel

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