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Hero Latest & New Upcoming Bikes 2021 | Launched Date and Price - Allbikehere
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Hero Latest & New Upcoming Bikes 2021 | Launched Date and Price

The latest bike is awaited every month in India. Both boys and girls here like bikes very much. The Hero Company of the bike is still giving a good performance to bike lovers.

For the above reason, we are writing this article (Hero’s latest bikes 2021). Hero Motocorp Limited Company is a trusted bike company. Here you will be given information about the launch date and price of Hero new upcoming bike 2021.

Hero MotoCarp Limited Bike Company

Hero Company was formerly an Indian multinational company named Hero Honda. It manufactured motorcycles and scooters. It was the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the whole world. Apart from this, 37.1% stake in India’s two-wheeler industry was with this company. As of May 27, 2021, the company has a turnover of up to $8.4 billion.

Talking about its history, it started in 1984 in association with Honda Company of Japan. Pawan Munjal is the CO, Managing Director, and Chairman Etc. of this company. Hero Company was popular in India due to its excellent fuel economy and low cost.

Here we will give you information about Hero latest bikes 2021 and new upcoming bikes 2021.

Hero New Bikes 2021 in India

All the bikes of Hero Company are very popular due to fuel efficiency and low cost. This company is still doing well with the latest bike. It has manufactured bikes ranging from Rs. 39,000 to more than Rs. 1 lakh.

Here we are sharing with you the list of hero new bikes 2021. Along with this, here we are also showing the on road price of Hero Bike 2021. (This list has been made on the basis of feedback from the people.)

  1. Hero Glamor and its price is – Rs. 57,400 to 66,700
  2. Hero HF Deluxe BS6 and its price is – Rs. 39,900 to 47,800
  3. Hero Karizma ZMR and its price is – Rs. 1,08,000 to 1,11,000
  4. Hero Maestro Edge and its price is – Rs. 50,000 to 51,300
  5. Hero Passion and its price is – Rs. 50,800 to 52,800
  6. hero Passion X Pro and its price is – Rs. 54,700 to 56,700
  7. Hero Pleasur and its price is – Rs. 46,000 to 46,900
  8. hero Super Splendor and its price is – Rs. 58,700
  9. hero Achiever 150 and its price is – Rs. 66,000 to 67,900
  10. Hero Splendor Plus and its price is – Rs. 51,800 to 55,200
  11. Hero splendor iSmart and its price is – Rs. 55,800 to 56,300
  12. Hero splendor and its price 48,900
  13. Hero Xtreme Sports and its price – up to Rs. 81,200
  14. Hero Duet and its price – up to Rs. 48,900
  15. Hero Passion Pro i3S and its price – up to Rs. 55,000
  16. Hero HF Deluxe i3S BS6 and its price – up to Rs. 48,200
  17. Hero Xpulse 200  and its price – up to Rs. 1.05 lakh
  18. Hero Xtreme 200R and its price – up to Rs. 89,900
  19. Hero Destini 125 and its price – up to Rs. 57,500
  20. Hero Xtrem 200S and its price – up to Rs. 98,400
  21. Hero Xpulse 200T and its price – up to Rs. 94,000
  22. Hero Maestro Edge 125 and its price – up to Rs. 63,700
  23. Hero Pleasure plus 110 BS6 and its price – up to Rs. 49,300
  24. Hero New Super Splendor and its price – up to Rs. 60,800
  25. Hero Splendor iSmart BS6 and its price – up to Rs. 64,900

The above list shows the on road prices of all Hero bikes.

Hero 5 Latest and New Upcoming Bikes 2021

We hope that you find this article beneficial. Now we will give you brief information about Best 5 Hero’s latest bikes 2021 and New Upcoming Bikes 2021.

Hero Xtreme 200R 200cc Bike

The Hero Company has announced that it will design the Hero Xtreme 200R as a Corona ambulance bike. This modified bike ambulance will be provided with a sidecar with a single bed. One person can easily sit in it. And it can be easily carried to distant places. A lot of changes have been made for this.

The handle of this bike is sharp looking and its fuel tank is sculpted. The headlamp of the bike is of halogen unit type while the tail lamp is of LED type. Although the exact list of its features is unknown.

Its engine is of single-cylinder OHC type and 4 strokes and 2 valves. Its maximum power is 18.4 PS @ 8000 rpm. And its maximum torque power is 17.1 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Its body is of the type of Commuter Bikes.

It has the following main features:

  • Engine – 199.6cc and Air cooled, 4- stroke with 2 valves, single Cylinder OHC
  • Front & Rear Brake – Disc & disc
  • Fuel Capacity- 12.5L (Fuel supply is injection type)
  • Drive Type- Chain Drive
  • Gear Box- 5-Speed
  1. Hero Xtreme 200R Launch Date – August 2021
  2. Its price is Rs. 93,400

Hero Xtreme 160S Bike

It is believed that Hero Xtreme 160S can be launched in October 2021. There is no specific information available regarding this bike. But here is some information.

According to Delhi ex-showroom, its price can be Rs. 1.08 lakh. The engine of this bike is of 163cc type. And the number of cylinder is one. Its maximum power is 15.3 PS @ 8500 rpm and its maximum torque is 14 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Its body type is of sports naked bikes type. It has air conditioned cooling system.

It has the following main features:

  • Engine – 163cc, 4- Stroke with 2 valves, 1- Cylinder OHC and Air cooled system
  • Drive Type- Chain Drive
  • Gear box- 5 Speed
  • Emission Type – BS6 (India)
  • ABS- Single Channel
  • Front and Rear break – Disk & Disk
  • Radial Tires – Yes (Alloy Type and Tubeless Tires)
  • Brakes – Double Disc
  1. Hero Xtreme 160S Launch Date – October 2021
  2. Its price is Rs. 1.08 lakh

Hero SF3R Bike

According to the Delhi ex-showroom, its estimated price is Rs. 1.85 lakh. The country’s largest two-wheeler company Hero showcased its concept at the 2016 Indian Auto Expo. The look of this bike is very attractive type. This is a Naked Street Fighter. This bike is premium compared to other Hero bikes.

Its engine is of 300cc type. And it will get double disc brakes. Its tires are of tubeless type. And it has ABS dual channel. You can start this bike only with the self-start button.

It has the following main features:

  • Engine – 300cc, 4- stroke with 4 valves, DOHC and liquid cooled, Cylinder one
  • Front and Rear break – disk & disk
  • Body Type- Sports Naked Bikes
  • ABS- Dual channel
  • Drive Type- chain drive
  • Gear box- 6 speed
  • Emission Type- BS6
  • Tires – Alloy and Radial Tires

Hero eMaestro Scooter

According to the Delhi showroom, its price can be Rs. 1 lakh. Hero has said that the scooter is currently undergoing testing in its final stages. And will be launched very soon in 2021.

In this, electronic motor and battery pack are being used. Hero has said that a powerful permanent magnet motor and lithium-ion battery pack will be used in it. Apart from this, Hero has not disclosed much about it. But we will keep giving you complete information.

It can deliver 26 Nm of torque and the battery pack can deliver an actual range of 85 km.

Hero 450 ADV

According to Delhi ex-showroom, its price can be up to Rs. 2.20 lakh. And it can be launched by November. Its body is of the type of adventure toured bike. And its engine can be 450cc. The number of cylinders in it will be 1. Its maximum power can be 50 PS. The fuel supply in this is of injection type.

However, not much information is available about it yet.

Last word

We hope you liked the above-mentioned Hero latest bike 2021 information. If yes, then definitely share it, because we have worked very hard on this.

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