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Yezdi 300 Price & Launch Date in India

There are a countless number of bike lovers in India and due to these bike lovers many automobile brands were born in India. One of these brands is also the brand Jawa (Yezdi). Although the brand was discontinued in 1996, Mahindra is bringing it back in the market.

Jawa or Yezdi will soon launch two classic models, namely the Yezdi Roadking scrambler and the Yezdi 300. We will give you complete details of Yezdi 300 price, launch date and specifications. So read the article completely.

Java was founded in 1929 by Frantisek Janecek., in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. This brand was one of the popular brands in earlier times, but due to some reason their market was closed.

Mahindra brought the brand back to India on 15 November 2018, and today it has unveiled 15 to 20 bikes. It may launch the Yazdi 300 in July 2021. Hopefully, Jawa / Yezdi will regain its popularity very soon. So let us take a look at the Yezdi 300 model of Java:

Yezdi 300 Price & Launch Date in India

Yezdi 300 (Jawa) Bike 2021 Price, Launch date and Mileage info

The Yezdi brand will launch the Yezdi 300 before the Roadking scrambler bike, which used to be popular in the past. Roadking and Yezdi 300, the specifications and design of both the bikes are almost identical.

The Yezdi 300 is an Indian variant, which gets a powerful 293 cc engine. This liquid-cooled engine can generate 27 bhp powers and also comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox for excellent transmission.

The Yezdi 300 bike can deliver a top speed of 130 km/h and will deliver a mileage of 35 km/l. However, it can give 25 km/l mileage in rural areas, which is a great performance.

According to the intelligence of the two-wheeler industry, it will be launched in three colors (white, gray and maroon). Its weight can range from 180 to 190 kg (net weight). This bike will compete with Royal Enfield 350 after coming in the market. The estimated price of the bike will start from 1.05 lakh rupees and will be launched by July 15, 2021.

  • Estimated Price– start from 1.05 lakh rupees
  • Launch date– by 15 July 2021
  • Mileage– Max. 35 km/l
  • Top seep– 120 km/h

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Engine and Transmission info

As I told you, a powerful 293 cc engine has been added to it. Its engine gets a single cylinder, in which 4 valves are present. The engine of the bike can generate maximum power of 36.70 PS and maximum torque of 28 Nm.

A liquid cooled system has also been added to the bike. It can be started only with the self-start button. The method of supplying fuel to the bike is of carburetor type. In this you get chain drive.

A manual 6-speed gearbox has been mated to give smooth movement to the Jawa Yezdi 300 bike. You get 76 mm bore and 65 mm stroke in the bike.

  • Engine displacement:  293cc capacity
  • Max. Power– 36.70 PS
  • Max. Torque– 28 Nm
  • Gearbox– Manual 6- speed transmission

Features and Safety info

The model of the yezdi 300cc bike is reminiscent of the old times, as the same features have been used in it. The bike gets a single type anti-lock braking system (ABS) and does not offer mobile connectivity. The speedometer, fuel gauge and console in the jawa yezdi 300 are available in analog type, but the odometer is available in digital form. The bike also gets a pass switch.

  • ABS channel- Single type

Electricals info

The yezdi 300 cc bike gets halogen type headlight. In this you get tail light and turn signal lamp bulb type. The low battery indicator has been used in the bike.

Chassis and Suspension info

If we talk about the chassis of yezdi (jawa 300 cc) bike, then it gets double cradle type chassis and the bike is available in cruiser type body. The Yezdi 300cc bike gets front suspension of Telescopic hydraulic fork type and rear suspension of Gas canister (Twin Shock hydraulic) type.

  • Chassis – Double cradle
  • Body type – Cruiser bike

Dimensions and Capacity info

The dry weight of the bike is 134 kg and its total weight is said to be 144 kg. Fuel can be filled up to a capacity of 16 liters in the bike. However, this information is not certain yet.

Talking about the dimensions of the bike, then it can be something like – Length – 2,000 mm (78.7 inches), Width – 750 mm (29.5 inches) and Height – 1,100 mm (43.3 inches)

  • Bike weight– 144 kg
  • Wheelbase– 1,350 mm (53.2 inch)
  • Fuel capacity– 16 L

Tires and Brakes info

Tubes are used in the tires of the bike and the wheels of the bike are spoke type. Some of their sizes are as follows:

  • Tire size: Front- 90/90-18 and Rear- 120/80-17
  • Wheel size: Front- 457.2 mm and Rear- 431.8 mm

Disc type brake is used in the front part of the bike and drum type brake is used in the rear part. Diameters of the brakes of the bike are as follows:

  • Front brake diameter– 280 mm
  • And rear brake diameter– 153 mm

Yezdi 300 cc bike pros and cons


  • Powerful engine has been used in the bike.
  • Its sound is of classic type.
  • The bike gets a comfort seat kicker.
  • The gear system is very good in this.


  • Its model is of type and at the same time it also gets the features of the old type.

Note: These points are given based on the experience of bike lovers.

Jawa bike models

  • Jawa 42 price in ex-showroom- 1.65 lakhs
  • Jawa Perak price in ex-showroom- 1.99 lakhs
  • Jawa Standard price in ex-showroom- 1.78 lakhs

Last words:

Complete details of Jawa / Yazdi 300 bike have been given in this article although some information is not certain in this, but it will be updated with the new update. If you liked our hard work, then do share it further.

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