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Best Mileage Scooty in India 2022, Mileage 80 And 70 kmpl - Allbikehere Best Mileage Scooty in India 2022, Mileage 80 And 70 kmpl - Allbikehere
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Best Mileage Scooty in India 2022, Mileage 80 And 70 kmpl

Best Mileage Scooty in India 2022, Under 75000

Today, scooters or scooty are being liked the most in the two-wheeler segment in India and Scooty has become the first choice of the youth. I hope you will also like Scooty, but before buying, the problem of best mileage comes. There are many scooty options available in India today, and it is a bit difficult to find the best mileage scooty among them, but we will solve that issue. This article of ours is based on best mileage scooty in India 2022, in which we will look at the best scooty/scooters of 2021 and 2022.

Best Mileage Scooty in India 2022

Before choosing any scooter, the question related to mileage comes in front of us, because most of the people in India come in the middle class. You will get the answer of this question from our article, because our article is based on online search data of 50 lakh users. From this data, the following scooters are providing the best mileage and will continue to give the best mileage in 2022 as well.

We have shared here a list of the highest mileage scooty, but we also know that today the electric scooter revolution is going on in India and e-scooters are also giving very good mileage than auto scooters. We will also write about the best mileage electric scooter in the next article.

Suzuki Access 125, mileage 64 kmpl

This scooty ranks first in the list of “best mileage scooty in India 2022” as it covers a distance of 64 km on per liter petrol. In this you get a 124 cc BS6 engine, which generates 8.6 bhp the highest power and 10 Nm the highest torque in it.

Suzuki has continuously added several changes to the access model, due to which it is currently available in 7 variants and 14 color options. This scooter is the best scooter in terms of the highest mileage and features.

Price: Rs.74,350

Engine capacity: 124cc

Mileage: 64 km/l

Maximum Power: 8.6 php

TVS Jupiter, Mileage 62 kmpl

This is also a bike with the highest mileage, which can cover a distance of 56 to 62 km per liter of petrol. The scooter currently comes in 5 variants and 13 color options, developing 7.37 php top power and 8.4 Nm top torque. And for this torque and power, a 110 cc engine has been added to it.

Price: Rs.68,034

Engine: 109.7cc

Mileage: 56 – 62 kmpl

Maximum Power: 7.37 bhp

TVS Scooty Pep Plus, Mileage 68 kmpl

Are you looking for 70 kmpl mileage scooty then this scooty is best for you. The Scooty Pep Plus can cover a maximum range of 68 kms per liter, though it may perform slightly differently in traffic and rural areas. This scooter can cover a distance of 55 to 68 km, for which an engine of 87 cc capacity has been added to it.

Price: Rs.57,545 (Starting Price)

Engine: 87.8 cc

Mileage: 55 – 68 kmpl

Maximum Power: 5.36 bhp

Hero Pleasure plus, Mileage 62kmpl

This scooter can also be included in the list of the best mileage scooty 2022, as this scooter can cover a maximum distance of 62 km on per liter of petrol fuel, and for this speed it is mated to a 110.9 cc engine which is 8 Generates bhp power and 8.7 Nm torque. It is currently available in 4 variants and 9 colors options in India with a starting price of Rs 62,962 and the high variant priced at Rs 72,095.

Price: Rs.62,962 (Starting Price)

Engine: 110.9 cc

Mileage: 62 kmpl

Maximum Power: 8 bhp

Yamaha Ray ZR 125, Mileage 62 kmpl

It is also known as the highest mileage scooty as this scooter offers a maximum mileage of 62 kmpl, paired to a 125cc engine capacity.

With the help of this engine, 8.04 bhp power and 9.7 Nm torque can be generated in the scooter, and this scooter currently comes in 7 variants and 17 color options. The curb weight of this scooty is 99 kg, and you can fill up to 5.2 liters of fuel in it.

Price: Rs. 73,372 (Starting Price)

Engine: 125 cc

Mileage: 62 kmpl

Maximum Power: 8.04 bhp

Honda Activa 6G, Mileage 55 kmpl

You must be knowing the Activa 6 G very well, because in today’s time it has become the first choice of the youth, although it gives the highest mileage of 55 kmpl. These mileage limits are also good, so it is included in the list of our article “best mileage scooty in India 2022”.

It is mated to a 109 cc engine that generates 7.68 bhp power and 8.79 Nm torque, and packs 5.3 liters of fuel in its fuel tank for the best riding range.

Price: Rs. 70,338 (Starting Price)

Engine: 109.51 cc

Mileage: 55 kmpl

Maximum Power: 7.68 bhp

Some other highest mileage scooty

There are a few others scooty in India too, which offer mileage between 50 and 70 kmpl, such as-

  • Yamaha Fascino 125, Mileage 58 kmpl
  • Honda Dio, Mileage 49 to 50 kmpl
  • Suzuki Burgman Street 124, Mileage 55.89 kmpl
  • Vespa Elegante 150, Mileage 42 to 45 kmpl


We have shared the list of all the best mileage scooty in this article, and this scooty will perform well in 2022 as well, however in 2022 nothing can come and compete with them.

Currently, electric scooters are trending, and they are leaving behind these auto scooters in terms of mileage.

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