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Epluto Electric Scooter Price in India, Full Specifications - Allbikehere Epluto Electric Scooter Price in India, Full Specifications - Allbikehere
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Epluto Electric Scooter Price in India, Full Specifications

Epluto Electric Scooter Price in India & Full Specifications 2022

PURE EV, a start-up at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, launched its high speed (60 kmph) electric scooter “EPluto 7G” in 2020, priced at Rs 79,999, though it is currently priced at Rs 83,701 ex-showroom. There are rupees. In this article, you will get all the information related to this luxurious e-scooter “Epluto Electric Scooter Price in India” like Specifications, Range, Top Speed, Weight and Features etc.

Epluto electric scooter price in India

As I told you at the beginning of the article, the PURE EV startup company had launched its first Epluto 7 G price at Rs.79,999, however it is currently priced at Rs.83,999 and there is no other variant. The Epluto 7G e-scooter currently comes in 6 color options, which include White, Red, Black, Grey, Blue and Stripling Yellow.

It was built for high-speed and maximum driving range, and originated from the campus of IIT Hyderabad. PURE EV also produces lithium-ion batteries in addition to EVs.

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Talking about the price, the company provides battery warranty for 40,000 km.

Prior to the Epluto 7 G, PURE EV also launched the Epluto Electric which was priced at Rs.71,999 and the e-scooter boasts of a driving range of 80 km/charge.

Epluto 7g electric scooter price: Rs. 83,999

Epluto electric scooter whole overview

Now we will get all the information related to Epluto 7 G electric scooter like- Features, Range (Mileage), Speed, Design and Specifications etc. All these are as follows-

Epluto 7G Design

The design of this model of the PURE EV supports a familiar design, with the Mantel Classic variant and other design similar to the Vespa. The front section gets circular headlamps, retro theme with eye-popping colors and flat apron, though it also gets modern and premium touch skins.

Light and Design:

The included lights are of LED type and an all-digital instrument console has been added to it. Apart from this, it gets chrome around the headlamp housing, front fenders and apron, and the rest of the body sports a retro look with graceful curves.

Comfort and Style:

The ePluto 7G uses large seat cushions to make the ride smooth and comfortable, although there is not enough space for two people. If compared to the Vespa LX 125, then both of them share the same overall styling except the front fenders.


The EV ePluto 7G is currently available in 6 different colors – Red, Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow and White.

ePluto Performance

This luxurious e-scooter is powered by a 60V 2.5 kWh portable battery and with a single charge of this battery, it exhibits a driving range of 90 to 120 km in 4 hrs, however 4 hours to charge the battery. It takes hours. The battery used in this is of lithium-ion type, which is produced by PURE EV company.

The ePluto is fueled by a 1.5 kW nominal and 2.2 kW peak BLDC motor for speed, which is powered with a 60V 2.5 kWh battery. With the help of this motor, this e-scooter exhibits a top speed of 60 kmph.

ePluto Features

The ePluto 7G has a rate gradability of 12 degrees, which is a characteristic of a best electric scooter. It gets a host of features like LCD display; touch screen, smart lock with anti-theft provision, regenerative braking and LED headlamps. Apart from this, you get LED lighting system and a great digital instrument cluster.

ePluto Specifications

It gets telescopic forks and a monoshock, which is also paired with 10-inch alloy wheels, and the speed is shaded by disc-drum combination brakes. If we look at its gradeability, then 12 degrees can be seen, which one of its specialties is.

It has a comfortable cushioned seat, on which 2 people can sit comfortably and ride. It comes with a retro look and stylish alloy wheels too. It also includes a chrome-finished rearview mirror.

ePluto 7 G Specifications, Feature and Performance

Its key specifications, features and performance are as follows-


  • Eco-Friendly Low speed e-scooter
  • Anti-theft Provision mart lock
  • LCD Digital instrument cluster
  • Long comfortable seat
  • Stylish Alloy Wheels

Performance and Specifications:

  • 90-120 km riding range
  • 60 kmph top speed
  • 76 kg kerb weight
  • 4 Hrs battery charging time
  • 1500 W Rated Power
  • 2200 W Motor Max power
  • 12 degree gradeability


In this article, we have shared with you all the information related to epluto electric scooter price in India, in which we discussed detailed information related to its specifications, features and price etc. We will continue to bring such good articles in future also, so you stay connected with our website.

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