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New Upcoming & Lounched Yamaha Bikes In India 2022 - Allbikehere
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New Upcoming & Lounched Yamaha Bikes In India 2022

Top Upcoming & Lounched Yamaha Bikes In India 2022

Yamaha is a popular brand in India. You must have heard about Yamaha, then only you “Bikes in India Yamaha” Searching on the topic. Truth be told, Yamaha is a very reliable and good company. Well, there are many models of Yamaha bikes and scooters presently. We will detail about new bikes in India yamaha in this article. Will discuss, and will also know how Yamaha company was formed and who made it etc.

Talking about Yamaha, the price of Yamaha bikes starts from Rs.72,990, and the costliest bikes go up to Rs.1.72 Lakhs. Yamaha’s most popular models include YZF R15 V3, MT-15, R15 V3, Fascino 125, YZF R1, MT-09 etc. Apart from this, Yamaha is also preparing to launch many new bikes, the list of which is given below.

About Yamaha Motor Company

The founder of this company is Torakusu Yamaha, and the company was named after him. The company was incorporated in India through a joint venture in 1985 and Yamaha became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2001. And as of 2008 it has three manufacturing units.

Yamaha’s company currently has 10 new models in India, the most popular being YZF R15 V4, FZ S FI and MT 15. Yamaha has become one of the best manufacturers at present, as its motorcycles come with a rich heritage of racing and have gained fame for their two-stroke motorcycles.

Yamaha has a wide range from 100cc commuter bikes to litre-class superbikes.

Let us now try to know about Bikes in India Yamaha.

Yamaha YZF R15 V4, 4.8 Start Rating

This is Yamaha’s most luxurious sports bike with a starting price of Rs. 1,71,575 in India (Note: Delhi ex-showroom price). Considered to be the most popular in India, it is available in 5 variants and 5 colors. Its engine generates 18.1 bhp power and 14.2 Nm torque.

Price: Rs. 1.75 Lakh

  • Engine: 155cc
  • Mileage: 45 kmpl
  • Seat height: 815 mm
  • Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual
  • Weight: 142 kg

Yamaha FZ S FI, 4.3 Stars Rating

It is a street bike of Yamaha brand with starting price of Rs.1,04,977. This is the second bike from Yamaha which has got the best popularity in India. It gets a 149 cc engine, which generates 12.2 bhp power and 13.6 Nm torque. It gets disc brakes at the front and rear, and both are linked together by an anti-locking braking system. Talking about its weight, it is 137 kg, and we can fill 13 liters of fuel in it.

Price: Rs. 1.04 Lakh

  • Engine: 149cc
  • Mileage: 45 kmpl
  • Seat Height: 790 mm
  • Gear box: 5 Speed ​​Manual
  • Weight: 137 kg

Yamaha MT 15, 4.6 Stars Rating

This too is a street bike, starting from Rs.1,47,657 in India, and it is also a famous bike of Yamaha. The motorcycle is currently available in 3 variants and 4 colors, with the price of the top variant starting from Rs. 1.50 lakh. In this, we get an engine of 155 cc, which produces 18.24 bhp power and 13.9 Nm torque.

This is a naked streetbike from the Yamaha brand, which is based on the company’s MT series. If seen, this bike looks like a similar brother to the YZF R15 V3.0.

Price: Rs. 1.47 Lakh

  • Engine: 155cc
  • Mileage: 45 kmpl
  • Seat Height: 810 mm
  • Gearbox: 6 Speed ​​Manual
  • Weight: 138 kg

Yamaha FZ25, 4.5 Start Rating

This too is a street bike powered by Yamaha’s 249cc engine with a starting price of Rs.1,37,400 (ex-showroom Delhi in India). Yamaha FZ25 is currently available in 3 variants and 6 colors, with the starting price of the top variant starting at Rs.1.41 lakh. The 249cc BS6 engine produces 20.51 bhp power and 20.1 Nm torque.

In this, you will get the anti-locking braking system, which combines the front disc brake and rear disc brake. If the curb weight of this bike is weighed, then its weight is equal to 153 kg, and 14 liters of fuel can be filled in it.

Price: Rs. 1.37 Lakh

  • Engine: 249cc
  • Mileage: 37 kmpl
  • Seat Height: 795 mm
  • Gearbox: 5 Speed ​​Manual
  • Weight: 153 kg

Yamaha YZF R15S V3.0, 4.5 Start Rating

This is a famous sports bike of Yamaha brand, whose price is Rs. 1,58,374. Currently, there is only one variant of the Yamaha YZF R15S available in India, and it comes in only one color. This bike is powered by a 155cc BS6 engine, and this engine produces 18.1 bhp power and 14.1 Nm torque.

If we look at the braking system, then both the front and rear part of the bike get disc brakes, which are connected to the anti-locking braking system. The weight of this luxurious sport bike is equal to 142 kg, and we can fill 11 liters of fuel in it.

Price: Rs. 1.58 Lakh

  • Engine: 155cc
  • Mileage: 45 kmpl
  • Seat Height: 815 mm
  • Gearbox: 6 Speed ​​Manual
  • Weight: 142 kg

Other Bikes in India Yamaha

Yamaha’s Bikes Price Rating in 5 Stars
Yamaha FZ X Rs. 1.17 lakh 3.4 Stars
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 Rs. 75,335 4.3 Stars
Yamaha FZ FI Rs. 1.09 lakh 4.6 Stars
Yamaha Aerox 155 Rs. 1.29 lakh 4.6 Stars
Yamaha Fascino 125 Rs. 73.645 4.4 Stars
Yamaha YZF R1 Rs. 20.39 lakh N/A
Yamaha WR 155R Rs. 1.50 lakh N/A
Yamaha R7 Rs. 10 lakh N/A
2021 Yamaha MT-09 Rs. 11.50 lakh N/A
2021 Yamaha R3 Rs. 3.50 lakh N/A
Yamaha XSR155 Rs. 1.40 lakh N/A


In this article, we have given a brief description of some famous and new bikes of the Yamaha brand, so that you can easily get the best bike.

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